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Before I found Bridgett I went to another electrologist, but because of the discomfort that I experienced with how much pain it was that I chose not to go back to that same person again. With Bridgett even when I told her that I had it done with another electrologist before, she made sure to explain it to me again so I understand the procedure and the time it will take to be completely hair free. I felt very comfortable, sometimes almost fell asleep during an appointment with her as I didn’t feel any pain at all, and this is for both of my underarms. I was very surprised that there wasn’t any skin reaction compared to the area that the former electrologist did as I had PIH after the treatment with that person. For those that are curious as to which machine she uses, it’s the Apilus Platinum (the latest model) which might explain why I didn’t feel anything during treatment. So far I had 5.25 hours (including the previous appt with the other electrologist) done for my underarms and I’m moving forward to a bi-weekly appt.. My advice is to keep to a schedule that Bridgett has set up for you and be patient because I’m almost there. Good luck! 🙂

Amy h.

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I highly recommend electrolysis by Bridgett. She explains everything very well, very professional, and will work with your schedule. She is extremely friendly and makes the entire experience very comfortable.

halley mac 10

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Bridgett is outstanding! My extremely positive experience by Bridgett at her ultra clean facility made me so comfortable. I was surprised that the electrolysis was not painful, and week by week my skin looked so much smoother. I waited too long to find someone like Bridgett and now I am finally so happy! I recommend her highly!

susan mar

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